What I do if I feel my child is behind in one or more areas of development?

Every parent wants his child to grow like others and develop all the skills acquired by the same age as other children. It is a proud moment for parents to know there is having all the skills and showing progress with age. In many families, they used to celebrate their child’s developmental phenomenon. But what if your child is behind in one or more areas of development? What are the possible causes and solutions for this concern? Here we will go through some discussions that will enable you to make appropriate decisions to accelerate your development.


Development refers to attaining skills with age and showing maturity (sense of intellectual thinking). If someone child is behind in two or more areas, it would be called a developmental delay. Delay could be in a child’s mental health as it helps in thinking in a critical. It is also known as the cognitive process. If a child is unable to deal problem, he/she will be unable to cope with a difficult situation. This is something that I personally learnt the hard way, while we were out of our home due to some renovations works going on. Would like to thanks the guys at bathroom renovations newcastle for their understanding and support of our family as well.

Different kind of skills

It could be sentimental or emotional skills, as we live in an era of colossal depression, the child will fail in coping with shadows of depression. Socialism plays a crucial role in a child’s societal development, but if a child is avoiding social gatherings, there is something wrong. Delay could be in a language skill like the child is feeling reluctant to convey his/her needs. Like his message and perceiver understanding will be different. Unable to channelize daily tasks is another kind of delay in the area of development.


There are some possible reasons for the delay in development, like complicated birth, some baby born earlier than nine months, and genetic disorders. Some body parts do no develop entirely, and there is a defective gene in a body cell. Immature baby’s usually encountered development delays.

Environmental issues

The environment is a significant contributor to the normal development of child results in accelerated growth in all areas. Some countries have toxins in the air or environment are polluted by different kinds of poisoning like lead poisoning, which negatively impacts child development.

Medical conditions

There could be other medical conditions like if someone is facing language disorder, maybe it is due to hearing issues like ear canal infection, vision problem like retinitis pigmentosa and down syndrome, etc.


So, what are the possible solutions? If your child is school, going set a discussion session with his/her teacher. Ask the teacher about the child’s performance at school. Deeply analyze the causes of delay. Take your child to a consultant, and the consultant will explore your child maybe your child is not taking an interest in the subjects taught at school, as his interest differs. 

Medical Consultation

Medical consultants can help in many conditions. If your child is showing no progress or development for a long time, it could be a developmental disability that can be treated using different medical treatments. If your child seems to be depressed, it will negatively impact every area of development, whether it is educational, social, or cognitive development. So, please book an appointment with a psychologist. He will use the psychological techniques to retrieve the child towards everyday life and development will begin.

Be open to discussion/ be friendly.

Try to keep a friendly relationship with your child, urger him/her to talk openly on every matter or activities he/she is doing or would like to do. Sometimes, parents’ behaviour creates a relationship gap between parent and child. As parents do not show interest in his/her matter, do not give importance to their acts, they start feeling neglected by the parents, which results in avoidance of family and social gatherings. It will hinder his/her speaking power, and he will feel useless if he/she shows rebels or commits some serious action. So, give them importance as other members of the family. Involve them in every affair. Take their advice and try to reach some conclusion.


Well, the development of the child is based on different factors. Parents have to consider various scenarios and situations to conclude. A conclusion that triggers their child development. Do not lose hope; explore every option that suits best your child’s development.